Finding the right partner is a question of trust

Trust is as vital in business as it is in life.
For this reason we have always believed in the importance of keeping our promises and of responding to our clients' requests quickly and accurately, showing our readiness to find new solutions together.

Consulting and Co-design.

Consulting and Co-design.

We offer our experience, gained in over 40 years in the business, to devise new solutions together with our clients and provide support and advice right from the design phase.

Consulting and Co-design.

Control over all stages of production

We manage all stages of the production process in-house, from sawing the materials to varnishing and delivering the finished product. This means we have absolute control over all stages of production and over delivery times.

Consulting and Co-design.

Fast lead times and just-in-time delivery

Thanks to the flexibility of our production facilities, we provide rapid response times and specialise in the management of just-in-time orders.


We play our part

We are aware that when it comes to the environment, every little choice can have an impact, which is why we use environmentally-friendly, non-toxic materials and energy-efficient machinery.

  • Environmentally friendly materials, low solvent emission adhesives

  • New-generation alternative and ecological raw materials (Paperstone)

  • Energy-efficient production machinery

  • Energy derived from 100% renewable hydroelectric sources